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Tsinghua SEM holds INDITEX (Spain) donation ceremony


The signing ceremony

Oscar García Maceiras, CEO of INDITEX (Spain), visited Tsinghua University on August 23, 2023. YANG Bin, vice president of Tsinghua University, and BAI Chong-En, dean of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM), met with Maceiras and the delegation for a donation ceremony. QIAN Xiaojun, vice dean of Schwarzman College, and XU Xin, vice dean of Tsinghua SEM, attended the meeting as its speakers. The ceremony was presided over by YUAN Wei, secretary general of the Education Foundation.

Maceiras said he looks forward to providing high-quality educational resources for students during the next three years by supporting overseas exchange programs and public welfare practice projects. The cooperation between INDITEX and Tsinghua University began in 2015, and in recent years, both parties have carried out extensive cooperation in areas such as overseas exchange programs for teachers and students, sustainable development, emergency assistance, and fine arts. INDITEX is committed to contributing to economic, social, and environmental development, and will work together with Tsinghua University to shoulder social responsibility and promote sustainable development.

Oscar García Maceiras speaks at the ceremony.

On behalf of Tsinghua University, YANG Bin warmly welcomed the visit of Maceiras and his delegation, and expressed thanks to INDITEX for their support of Tsinghua University. He said the cooperation between Tsinghua and INDITEX is based on trust and friendship. From its support for the overseas exchange of teachers and students at Tsinghua SEM to the "the Belt and Road Scholarship", Sustainable Development Fund project, and cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts, all have yielded fruitful results, he said. The donation is the third from INDITEX to support Tsinghua SEM. YANG said he hoped both parties could further deepen their cooperation, utilize their advantages in business to collaborate in talent cultivation, public health, carbon neutrality, and other areas, and to continue their precious friendship.

YANG Bin speaks at the ceremony.

BAI Chong-En thanked INDITEX for their continuous support of Tsinghua SEM. There has been a long history of cooperation between the parties, ranging from support for overseas exchange programs for teachers and students, to donations to support the Sustainable Development Research Fund, which have been of great help to Tsinghua SEM. Future close cooperation and exchange will continue to promote the implementation of sustainable development concepts in fields such as education, research, and social services.

BAI Chong-En speaks at the ceremony.

QIAN Xiaojun reviewed the progress and achievements of the Sustainable Development Research Fund project. Since the establishment of the "Tsinghua-INDEX Sustainable Development Fund" in 2019, interdisciplinary research and exploration have been carried out across the campus, covering topics such as the environment, green cities, green energy, materials and technology, industrial upgrading, and education, providing solutions and suggestions for to promote the construction of a sustainable society.

QIAN Xiaojun speaks at the ceremony.

XU Xin said INDITEX has long focused on the cultivation and development of student of economics and management. With the group's support, the MBA Global Competency Module organized five overseas exchanges in Spain, which received enthusiastic feedback from students. Their curricula included not only lectures at ESADE Business School, but also on-site visits to the INDITEX headquarters. The corporate values practiced and implemented in sustainable development are admirable, and have allowed the students to broaden their cognitive boundaries and gain a deeper understanding of the integration of sustainable development concepts into business. XU said he looked forward to cooperating with INDITEX on future student exchanges.

XU Xin speaks at the ceremony.

Finally, Maceiras signed the donation agreement with YUAN Wei, and YANG Bin issued the donation certificate to Maceiras.

YANG Bin issued the donation certificate to Maceiras

Other participants at the ceremony included Eugenio Bregolat, president of INDITEX (Greater China), YU Xian, vice president of Corporate Communications and Government Affairs of INDITEX (Greater China), WANG Cui, deputy director of Government Affairs of INDITEX (China), MA Jia, director of the MBA Center of Tsinghua SEM, JIAO Fangxing, joint secretary general of the Alumni Association of Tsinghua SEM and assistant to the dean of the Institute of Global Common Development at Tsinghua University, and FU Xuan, chair of the Resource Development Department of the Education Foundation.

A group photo

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