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Tsinghua SEM EMBA, TIEMBA & Media Programs celebrate start of 2023


2023 Opening Ceremony for Tsinghua SEM EMBA, TIEMBA and Media Programs

To welcome new students and future business leaders from both China and abroad, the opening ceremony for the Tsinghua SEM Executive MBA (EMBA) 2023, Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA (TIEMBA) Class of 2025 and Tsinghua SEM Media Program took place in Tsinghua University's auditorium on August 30. It was the first time since the pandemic that TIEMBA students from around the world could attend in person. Professor XUE Jian, associate dean of the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM), moderated the ceremony, and it was also attended by CHEN Yubo, senior associate dean at Tsinghua SEM; Urs Peyer, dean of Degree Programmes at INSEAD; CHEN Zhangwu, president of the Gansu Xinghua Scholarship Foundation; and GAO Feng, associate dean at Tsinghua SEM.

XUE Jian at the 2023 opening ceremony

In his opening remarks, Professor CHEN Yubo welcomed the new students and emphasized the significance of entrepreneurship in the face of global changes. He emphasized the necessity for innovation, a commitment to humanity, and inclusion of diverse cultures. "Entrepreneurship is the engine of economic development. The mission of our EMBA program is to nurture business leaders who are not only at the forefront of technology but who contribute to the development of our whole society," CHEN said. He also said how Tsinghua SEM EMBA has fulfilled its social responsibilities by supporting schools in China's underdeveloped areas and helping the local communities for many years.

CHEN Yubo offers opening remarks.

"The TIEMBA program aligns perfectly with INSEAD's mission, which is to unite individuals, cultures and ideas from around the world and to help and empower leaders to establish bridges between nations and cultures by creating businesses together," Professor Urs Peyer, dean of Degree Programmes at INSEAD, said. He also extended his welcome to the new participants and encouraged them to make full use of what they learn from the program to promote business prosperity in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

Urs Peyer welcomes new TIEMBA participants on behalf of INSEAD.

In addition to alumni representatives in the EMBA program, four students from the new cohort of the EMBA program, the TIEMBA program, and the Media program delivered speeches. They expressed their enthusiasm for studying at Tsinghua and determination to wholeheartedly engage in professional knowledge and practical experience during the next two years.

"I fell in love with China when I first came here in 2015 and I have been deeply impressed by China's remarkable economic development over the years and seen many Chinese companies rise to leading positions. Today is a dream come true for me as I have this opportunity to study at this most prestigious university in China. Let's fight together to realize our dreams!" Nitin Verlian, from Emirates NBD Bank in Dubai, said as the representative of the TIEMBA 2025. He emphasized the international experience provided by the TIEMBA program, which serves as a bridge between the East and the West and enables students to learn alongside peers from different countries and regions.

Nitin Verlian speaks as the representative of TIEMBA Class of 2025

The ceremony proceeded with the second part of the orientation, hosted by KANG Yi, LI Simeng, and LI Chan, who represented Tsinghua SEM EMBA, TIEMBA, and Tsinghua SEM Media Program respectively.

During this presentation, JIA Li recounted the history of the Tsinghua SEM EMBA programs. Although the Tsinghua SEM EMBA and TIEMBA program are quite young within this century-old university, they are consistently acknowledged as the leading EMBA programs in China and the world, she said. "It is the ongoing innovation in the curriculum design and the commitment of our faculty that make such accomplishments possible," JIA said.

JIA Li introduced the Tsinghua SEM EMBA programs.

Welcoming its 17th cohort of 34 high-achieving executives, the TIEMBA program has 650 alumni from 49 different countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, and Africa. These students come from many industry backgrounds, encompassing finance, healthcare, technology, Internet and information services, manufacturing, energy, retail, and agriculture. Some 91 percent of the students are in management positions that oversee international business and 41 percent are female. For many years, TIEMBA consistently has been recognized among the Top 100 EMBA programs by Financial Times and the QS EMBA Joint Programs. Known for its strong faculty, diverse international student body, and teaching that combines Chinese and Western styles, the program effectively combines the strengths of local education resources with the diverse perspectives of global business schools.

Following the opening ceremony, Professor Peyer and Professor LU Yao, deputy head of Tsinghua SEM Finance Department and academic director of TIEMBA, hosted an introduction to the TIEMBA program for new students. The session aimed to provide comprehensive knowledge and assist the participants as they prepare and to begin their TIEMBA journey.

LU Yao (left) and Urs Peyer introduce the TIEMBA program.