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The TCMiBA Program of Tsinghua SEM visits Chubb


YANG Ping, secretary general of the Tsinghua SEM East US Alumni Association, and 27 students from the 2021 and 2022 classes of the Tsinghua-Columbia Dual Master's Degree Program in Business Analytics (TCMiBA) visited Chubb on the morning of October 6, 2023. Evan Greenberg, a member of the Advisory Committee of Tsinghua SEM and Chairman and CEO of Chubb, met the alumni and students for a friendly exchange.

Today's world is full of uncertainties, Greenberg said, and it is important to maintain a proactive attitude and focus on the forefront of technological development without neglecting management and strategic learning. As for the job hunting and career choices after graduation, Greenberg said students should keep an open mind, explore opportunities, and actively showcase themselves in social and cultural environments to gain experience and overcome obstacles.

Evan Greenberg speaks with students.

Jo Ann Rabitz, senior vice president and global human resources officer of Chubb, introduced the activity schedule and invited members of Chubb to share their experiences with students on topics such as Chubb's diverse and inclusive culture, and its rich opportunities for young students in the fields of IT, digitization, and analytics.

Jo Ann Rabitz introduces the schedule.

Rainer Kirchgaessner, global corporate development officer of Chubb, explained the group's business situation, strategic deployment in underwriting methods, and corporate culture. He said current technological progress has spurred development of the social economy and various industries. He hopes students can seize the opportunity to learn and cultivate strategic management logic and leadership, and to enhance their data utilization capabilities.

Rainer Kirchgaessner introduces the group.

Sean Ringsted, chief digital business officer of Chubb, analyzed the challenges and opportunities of the group's digital transformation, technological growth, and AI. He explained the IT capabilities required by the current market and suggested skills students can develop.

Sean Ringsted explains how the group is transforming its technology.

Five Chubb employees shared their experiences with effective communication, career development, and how to become more competitive. They encouraged the students to stay curious, remain willing to take on challenges, and actively participate in cross-cultural communication and cooperation. They also advised students to adopt an objective attitude about job opportunities that place them in different cultures, and to continuously study new technologies and theories to develop their own insights.

TCMiBA students speak with Chubb employees.

The students wrote messages on the commemorative album and took a group photo to record the event. They thanked Greenberg and presented their gifts. Greenberg said he hoped to have more exchange opportunities with friends to develop Sino-US education cooperation and with students who are pursuing further career development.

Group photo

The visit gave TCMiBA students a profound understanding of Chubb's global perspective and business layout, valuable practical experience, and an international perspective. It was a positive influence in the students' academic journey and career development.

At the event

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