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13th Tsinghua University Innovation Contest Finals held


Following four hours of rigorous competition, a project titled "Magnetic-Guided Gallium-Based Liquid Alloy Robot - A New Hope for Precision Treatment of Brain Tumors" (New Hope) clinched the gold prize during the final round of the 13th Tsinghua University Innovation Contest and the 2023 Tsinghua University Creative Challenge held on November 2, 2023. Projects that entered the finals had more innovative ideas built around mature technologies, and many participants presented their creative project concepts to the jurors using text, images, videos, physical prototypes, and live demonstrations.

Participants pose for a group photo.

The freshmen who participated in this year's innovation contest fully unleashed their potential and made significant strides in technological innovation. The New Hope project team proposed injecting a gallium-based liquid alloy robot into the human body through blood vessels. With the assistance of magnetic propulsion, the robot could non-invasively reach lesions by bypassing the blood-brain barrier. It could then use magnetic freezing to destroy cancer cells. Focused on precise treatment and leveraging the advantages of low cost and mobile flexibility, the team offered a new approach to the treatment of gliomas and explored the field of neural repair. The jurors acknowledged the rigor of the project and offered practical suggestions on technical feasibility, competitive analysis, and product advantages.

"Huayi Team - Guiding Photography Assistant Based on the Large Model," in response to current demand for photography, utilized a large model technology with integrated natural language recognition, computer vision, voice recognition, and a recommendation system to develop a product that provides photography and video production solutions according to user needs. Beyond the technology, the team analyzed the feasibility of the project, its market potential, and developed a business model. The jurors expressed their appreciation for the creative project.

ZHANG Bo, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University and an academician in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the event as a distinguished guest. Drawing upon his own educational experiences from his youth, ZHANG encouraged freshmen to maintain a passion for innovation.

ZHANG Bo speaks at the event.

In his opening speech, HE Ping, vice dean of Tsinghua School of Economics and Management and chair of the Department of Finance, said the Tsinghua University Innovation Contest is designed as a platform for empowering freshmen and engaging them in innovative research, discussions, and competitions. Tsinghua x-lab's mentor team provides participants with a systematic curriculum and guidance through a combination of classes and competitions. The development of students' innovative and practical abilities are achieved through one-on-one mentoring and intensive full-day courses. Bursts of concentrated learning help participants to improve their overall proficiency, and Tsinghua x-lab is always committed to providing strong support to the students, he said.

HE Ping delivers his speech.

LI Jinfeng, president of the Tsinghua University Student Science and Technology Association, said the finals are not only a challenge for freshmen but also a beneficial exercise. From creativity and innovation to entrepreneurship, Tsinghua's innovation and entrepreneurship system, represented by the association, offers abundant resources for everyone.

LI Jinfeng speaks at the event.

HUANG Feng, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of Tsinghua University, praised the participants for their performance. He said the innovation contest provides freshmen with a systematic training opportunity to identify, research, and solve problems. He hopes students will focus their creativity to align with the market’s needs.

HUANG Feng speaks at the event.

As the contest came to a close, each team and the teachers collectively lit up the 2023 Great Idea plaques and posed for a group photo as a keepsake.

Faculty and student representatives illuminate the Great Idea plaques.

The Tsinghua University Innovation Contest, initiated in 2011, is hosted by the Youth League Committee of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua x-lab, and organized by the Tsinghua University Student Science and Technology Association. The contest is designed to advance social progress by uncovering innovative ideas with a practical use, that address sustainable development challenges, and which have the potential to create value. Since the start of this year's contest, spanning a recruitment period of more than 30 days, a total of 90 outstanding teams applied, comprising more than 300 students. Following an intense preliminary competition, 15 project teams advanced to the final stage.

The final jury consisted of YU Yingjie, deputy director of the Optoelectronic Technology Inventions Review Department of the China National Intellectual Property Administration; TANG Ke, venture capital investment director of TusStar; GUO Yijun, innovation director of DT. School, who provided coaching services for the Stanford Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate; ZHANG Qiu, associate director of the Tsinghua University Library; HAO Xiuqing, director of Tsinghua x-lab; WANG Dali, director of the Business Development Department of the Secretariat of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance of China; and ZHAO Daqi, in charge of assistant researchers at the Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship of the Tsinghua University Rural Revitalization Workstations.