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Nine new China-context cases published globally in 2023


In 2023, the China Business Case Center (CBCC), affiliated with Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM), released nine newly developed teaching cases to the world through Harvard Business Publishing-Education and Ivey Publishing.

The cases mainly focus on typical issues Chinese enterprises face or discuss new business trends in China. By the end of 2023, CBCC had published over 100 cases through global case distribution platforms. All of the cases were either developed by Tsinghua SEM faculty and case specialists or emerged as award-winning cases from the Tsinghua SEM’s long-lasting annual case-writing competition.

The authors of these cases have made significant contributions to China's business education field, and have increased China's voice on the global stage. CBCC welcomes new submissions on Chinese enterprises and new market trends from authors across China. Accepted cases will be registered on CBCC's official case platform (

The 2023 list includes:

Harvard Business Publishing - Education (with titles in alphabetical order)

Adisseo: Balance Between Concentration and Diversity

Authors: LI Donghong, YANG Zhuge, LI Xiaohui

Asia Symbol (Guangdong): Frontrunner in China's Cut-Size Paper Market

Authors: LI Donghong, ZHAO Ziqian

Bestore at Douyin: Racing on a New Track of Marketing

Authors: HU Zuohao, SUN Qianmin, HU Yiyang, ZHAO Ziqian

Ke Holdings Inc. Redefining Residential Services through Digitization

Authors: LI Ting, YI Cheng, CUI Chunhu

Ningbo Motor: Developing Resilient and Sustainable Cross-Border Trade

Authors: ZHANG Yali, SUN Jing, HE Jingcheng, YUAN Jingjing

Strategic Reorientation of Xgimi Technology

Authors: JIA Ning, TANG Xuesong, LI Xiaohui, LI Yan

TCL: Seeking Strategic Growth

Authors: ZHENG Xiaoming, ZHAO Ziqian

Trinity Earth: Big Data Creating Value for China's Film and Television Industry Chain

Authors: XING Xiaoqiang, ZHANG Zhu, LI Chengwen, LI Donghong

Ivey Publishing

Stars and Rain: An Autism Rehabilitation Institute

Authors: QIAN Jing, SUN Yutong, LI Chengwen, YANG Fu, WEN Yi

These cases can be accessed via:

Harvard Business Publishing – Education:

Ivey Publishing:

China Business Case Platform (Tsinghua SEM) (Chinese and English versions)

CBCC has established partnerships with Harvard Business Publishing, Ivey Publishing, the Case Centre, and SAGE Publishing to maximize the international distribution of its teaching cases. CBCC aims to promote the innovations of Chinese entrepreneurs, deepen understanding of new business phenomena in China's market, and disseminate Chinese management philosophy worldwide.

To achieve these goals, CBCC's case specialist team collaborates with Tsinghua University and its external faculty to develop nearly 100 new cases each year on a rolling basis. Its self-operated case platform offers over 1,700 cases and has been purchased by more than 150 institutional subscribers in the higher education field.

Source: China Business Case Center of Tsinghua SEM