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Tsinghua SEM undergraduates conduct social practice in Wuxi and Yixing


The year of 2023 marked the 110th anniversary of the birth of JIANG Nanxiang, former president of Tsinghua University. In order to inherit the invaluable spiritual legacy left by JIANG, a group of Tsinghua SEM undergraduate students completed a social immersion program in Yixing and Wuxi in Jiangsu Province from December 22 to 24, 2023. The 16-member team was led by GAO Feng, the deputy secretary of Tsinghua SEM's Party Committee, and KONG Yichun, the head of the Party Committee Student Working Group and included students from Malaysia and Hong Kong and student leaders.

The research on industry development was further extended to various sectors, including the exploration of the rural revitalization, the microelectronic sector and the medical sector.

Team photo at Yixing Experimental Primary School

The team arrived at the alma mater of JIANG Nanxiang - Yixing Experimental Primary School in Jiangsu Province (formerly Gaocheng Experimental Primary School). Famous for its prowess in table tennis, the school has been a breeding ground for numerous provincial table tennis players. The school's emphasis on physical education aligns seamlessly with the "No Sports, No Tsinghua" spirit.

To gain more profound insights into President JIANG's educational philosophy, the team delved into the ancient educational system, experienced the academic ambience at Dongpo Shuyuan and engaged in meaningful conversations with local purple clay artisans, discussing the intricacies of production processes and the current status of the purple clay industry. The team also visited the International Youth Cultural Innovation Exchange Community and explored the "Tsinghua Through the Lens of ZHANG Zudao" photography exhibition to peek into Tsinghua's century-long history, development, and transformations.

The team then explored China Yixing Ceramic Museum and the XU Beihong Memorial Hall, unravelling the narratives of Yixing influential leaders and enriching their understanding of the history, culture and artistic value of Yixing purple clay. This immersive experience proved to be both enlightening and rewarding.

Team photo with wax figure of President Jiang Nanxiang

To gain a comprehensive understanding of local smart agriculture development, the team conducted research at Jiangsu Qinglan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xia Hang Group founded by XIA Lan, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Jiangsu Tsinghua Alumni Association. Guided by the principles of green ecology and organic environmental protection, Qinglan Agriculture employs the "enterprise + base + farmers (agricultural cooperatives)" model to promote cultivation. This approach fosters economic development for farmers and enhances consumers' quality of life by providing pure, natural, green products. The team also visited the Qinglan Smart Agriculture Demonstration Park, a hub for planting, breeding, education, research, entertainment, and leisure, to delve into the development of the agricultural traceability operation system.

The team looked into the efficient implementation of "one product, one code" system in enabling agricultural products being tracked throughout the entire process from breeding to consumers' tables. They had a discussion with the company leaders on how the collaborations of Qinglan brand agricultural by-products with major e-commerce platforms can be facilitated to achieve synchronized online and offline sales.

In Wuxi, the team visited alumni enterprises. Maxscend Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of radio frequency integrated circuits. During the visit, the team toured Maxscend Micro's production line, delving into the production process and technology of radio frequency front-end components.

The team then went to Wuxi Hisky Medical Technology Co., Ltd., co-founded by Tsinghua University alumni SUN Jin and his two roommates, where the team members gained insights into the research, production, and sales of liver testing systems. They also had the opportunity to experience the company's cutting-edge liver testing products, gaining some valuable perspectives on the advanced and practical aspects of modern medical technology.

Through keen observation and active learning, team members not only enhanced their comprehension of the current state and the future prospects of biomedical engineering but also sparked a heightened interest and enthusiasm for technological innovation and medical research.

Team photo at Hisky Medical

With a commitment to integrating the knowledge acquired during this hands-on experience into their future academic and professional journeys, the team members aspired to transform insights into concrete actions, and are ready to actively engage in fostering cultural education, promoting industrial progress, and supporting rural revitalization, leveraging their expertise and capabilities to contribute significantly to the local economic and social advancement.