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Tsinghua-Nike fellowship announced to promote sustainability


Tsinghua University, in partnership with Nike, has announced the Tsinghua-Nike Sustainability Fellowship to address challenges related to climate change, social responsibility, and governance. The fellowship aims to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive community at Tsinghua University by recruiting students with innovative thinking and leadership potential. It offers interdisciplinary, project-based learning, tailored research and innovation support, and a range of community activities. The program seeks to deepen students' understanding of sustainability, enhance their global awareness and local perspectives, foster systemic thinking, and develop their leadership and management skills in response to a changing world. Through expanding their professional networks, the fellowship encourages students to prioritize sustainability in their studies, thoughts, and lifestyles, and to apply comprehensive, systemic approaches to real-world sustainability issues. Ultimately, the program nurtures future leaders who are committed to sustainable development.

The Tsinghua-Nike Sustainability Fellowship is a collaborative effort between Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM), the Tsinghua University Institute of Industrial Innovation and Finance (THUIIIF), and the Center for Global Competence Development at Tsinghua University. It began recruiting Tsinghua University students on March 29, 2024, and will be officially begin in September 2024.

Professor LI Jinliang, program director from the Department of Finance at Tsinghua SEM, emphasized that integration, practicality, and innovation are the cornerstones of the program. It aims to serve a hub for advocates of sustainable development across departments and schools, providing students state-of-the-art courses, domestic and international research and study opportunities, a plethora of community activities, and guest sharing sessions. Moreover, the program will enlist academic and industry mentors to collaboratively guide students in their research and innovation projects on sustainable development. This initiative is poised to help Tsinghua University identify and nurture innovative talents in sustainable development, foster original and pioneering breakthroughs, and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals through the concerted efforts of higher education and public welfare initiatives.

SHE Duanzhi, co-director of the program at Nike, said, "Nike has always adhered to the principle of 'In China, for the world,' and promoting green development and supporting the 'dual carbon' goals are important strategic directions for Nike." This collaboration in talent development between the two entities represents a deeper level of cooperation following the introduction of the "Carbon Neutrality in Industry, Academia, and Research Collaboration Program" jointly by Nike China and Tsinghua University during the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) last year. SHE hoped that Nike and Tsinghua would collaborate to implement the concepts of sustainable development and innovation, as well as the pioneering entrepreneurial ethos, to cultivate successive cohorts of "Tsinghua-Nike Sustainability Fellows" who will emerge as leading figures in the field of sustainable development.

Professor Stella Christie, hailing from the Department of Psychology at Tsinghua University and serving as the research chair at the Tsinghua Laboratory of Brain and Intelligence, is the academic director of the program. She said sustainable development transcends mere environmental preservation to include harmonious coexistence and cyclical evolution of humanity and the world. "It guides our relentless pursuit and profound transformation towards environmental health, economic prosperity, and social justice. Sustainable development is not confined to any specific field or discipline; it is a way of thinking, a value orientation, a steadfast belief, and a decision-making criterion that guides our behavior. Regardless of the industry we choose to enter in the future, we should be guided by the concept of sustainable development and integrate it into every detail of our lives and work. Our meticulously designed program will provide students with comprehensive training in knowledge dissemination, skill development, and action guidance, complemented by personalized mentoring and resource assistance, to progressively empower students to identify, analyze, and resolve challenges. The program's structure enables students to chart their own learning trajectories while mutually learning and evolving within the supportive ecosystem of the program, ultimately becoming proactive advocates and leaders of sustainable development," she said.