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Tsinghua SEM Master of Finance ranks 5th worldwide in 2024 Financial Times Ranking


The Financial Times published its 2024 ranking of Masters in Finance Pre-Experience programs on June 17, 2024. The Master of Finance (MoF) program at Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM) ranked 5th worldwide for the second time, maintaining a Top 10 position globally for three consecutive years and the top spot in Asia for four consecutive years.

Compared with last year, the Tsinghua SEM MoF program has maintained a strong advantage in the "alumni career progress" indexes. The "Salary today" index, which measures the average alumni salary three years after graduation, shows that the alumni earn the highest salaries among all the evaluated programs, with a salary increase of 105 percent, ranking 1st worldwide.

The program also ranks 2nd globally in the "Alumni network" and "Overall satisfaction" indexes.

Both the "Value for money" and "Aims achieved (%)" indexes rank 1st in Asia, with 100 percent of graduates employed within three months.

The ranking reflects the high quality of the Master of Finance program and the successful career development and contributions of its alumni in their fields.

The program, which began enrolling students in 2011, aims to cultivate top-notch professionals in applied finance who are prepared to navigate the ever-changing market with a global perspective. Over the past 13 years, the program has continuously improved its teaching methods, promoted the integration of industry and education, strengthened cooperation with international organizations, and helped students develop the ability to solve real-world problems. The program attracts the best graduates from China and more than 40 countries and regions worldwide.

The Master of Finance program includes five concentrations tailored to students' backgrounds and career plans: Global Finance, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Finance, Investment and Insurance, Fintech, and Risk Management. It also offers dual degrees with four top schools including HEC Paris, the Hass School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University.

The program's faculty come from both academia and industry, forming a "double mentor" system. All the 132 mentors are leading figures in the finance sector. Additionally, the program offers a course series titled "Financial Practice in China," where financial elites and supervisors are invited into classrooms to engage with students.

About FT's Ranking of Master in Finance

The Financial Times began publishing the world ranking of Masters in Finance in 2011. The ranking is well-regarded in academia and industry due to its thorough evaluation mechanism.

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