2009 Tsinghua Management Global Forum Held


The 2009 Tsinghua Management Global Forum was held at Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management in Beijing on October 28, 2009 with the theme of "global economic recovery and corporate revival ".

Wednesday’s forum is an annual event hosted by Tsinghua SEM since 2007. The forum has brought together nearly 500 participants from academia, relevant government departments and business community.

Professor Qian Yingyi, Dean of Tsinghua SEM extended his warm welcome to all the participants. “we are committed to developing Tsinghua Management Global Forum to a management forum of world- leading level, putting the wisdom of business giants and the academic masters across the globe on an open platform,” said Dean Qian in his address, “hopefully the forum will be a grand gathering of cutting-edged thoughts across the world and the sights and suggestions contributed by the participants could be helpful for those who are exploring solutions in the economic crisis.”

Lou Jiwei, Chairman of China Investment Corporation delivered a keynote speech at the forum, presenting his views on Chinese micro-economic trend, China’s fiscal and currency policy, etc..

Following the speeches were four sessions of panel discussions, with themes on “global leadership after financial crisis ”; “new trend of business education in business schools”; “private equity in China and around the world”; and “corporate governance”. Guests invited to the discussions included board members of SEM advisory board, most of them are globally renowned entrepreneurs, government officials and scholars.