SEM Opens 2010 Tsinghua Management Global Forum


Tsinghua SEM was crowded with guests, students and journalists on October 20, when the 2010 Tsinghua Management Global Forum was held with the theme “Leadership in an Innovative World”.

It is the fourth Tsinghua Global Management Forum hosted by Tsinghua SEM. It started in 2007 as an annual event of the School, normally accompanying the Advisory Board Meeting of SEM. Over 500 guests and audience from a range of areas participated in the event at SEM.

Dean QIAN Yingyi opens the forum

From Manufacturing to Innovation

Professor QIAN Yingyi, Dean of Tsinghua SEM, opened the forum with a brief speech. He reviewed the history of the Advisory Board and the Forum. Initiated by former Dean of SEM ZHU Rongji in 2000, the Advisory Board is holding its 11th annual meeting in 2010. It is now composed of about 50 CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen of globally-renowned enterprises, deans of leading business schools, as well as governmental leaders and officials in China. The Tsinghua Management Global Forum was among many contributions of the Board to the School.

The School aims to make the forum series into world-class events, providing forward-looking perspectives on management issues each year, offering an open platform for the display of wisdom of business leaders and academic scholars. The combined insights drawn from both business practices and academic theories will hopefully enlighten the development of Chinese enterprises and the national economy as a whole.

According to Dean QIAN Yingyi, 30 years after the reform and opening up, a major challenge for China is transforming its dynamics of development from manufacturing to innovation. Therefore, this year’s forum would focus on the discussion of leadership in a time of innovation.

Dominic Barton delivers keynote speech

Government Should Help to Spur Entrepreneurship

Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director of McKinsey & Company, delivered a keynote speech. According to him, the rise of economies in Asia, especially China and India, and the emerging consumer groups will significantly reshape global economic structure. He predicts that China and India will account for half of the world’s GDP in 2030. Developing countries, including those in South America and Africa, will account for 52% global personal consumption in the fifteen years to come.

Barton said, five elements in the post-crisis era will have major influences on world economy: the restructuring of state powers, the infrastructure development, changes in productivity, commodity prices and the formation of global network. He also told the audience that, six sectors will play critical roles in future productivity changes: agri-food, water energy, healthcare, clean energy technologies, education and technical application.

When it comes to the theme of the forum, Barton thought that there is still a gap between innovation capabilities in China and the U.S. To narrow this gap, the government should help break barriers for private entrepreneurs. Besides, innovation should also be boosted by inter-trade, inter-disciplinary research institutes.

Guests exchanging ideas in a panel discussion

Panel Discussions

After the keynote speeches, there were five penal discussions, looking into different aspects of the forum theme, each elaborating on “Global Leadership”, “Telecommunication”, ”Management Education in the New Century”, “Global Supply Chain” and “Entrepreneurship Management”. Guests at the discussions include business leaders of prestigious enterprises and senior academic scholars. About half of the guests are members of SEM’s Advisory Board.

Guests at the discussions were:

Session 1: Global Leadership


John L. Thornton

Guest Professor and Director, Global Leadership Program, Tsinghua SEM

Chairman, Board of Trustees, Brookings Institution


Sir John Bond

Chairman, Vodafone Group PLC

Former Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings PLC


Co-founder, Northern Light Venture Capital

Thomas H. Glocer

CEO, Thomson Reuters

Session 2: Telecommunication


Prof. BAI Chong-en

Associate Dean, Tsinghua SEM


Christopher B. Galvin

Chairman and Co-Founder, Harrison Street Capital LLC

Former Chairman and CEO, Motorola

HE Dongcai

Member of Advisory Committee for State Informatization

Former Vice Minister, Ministry of Radio, Film and Television

Irwin Mark Jacobs

Co-Founder and Director, Qualcomm Inc.

Session 3: Management Education in the New Century


Prof. YANG Bin

Professor, Tsinghua SEM


Prof. Jay O. Light

Former Dean, Harvard Business School

Prof. QIAN Yingyi

Dean, Tsinghua SEM

Prof. Garth Saloner

Dean, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Prof. David Schmittlein

John C HeadIIIDean, MIT Sloan School of Management

Session 4: Global Supply Chain


Prof. David J. Robb

Professor, Tsinghua SEM


Michael T. Duke

President and CEO, Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Terry Gou

Founder & President, Foxconn Technology Group

Michael McNamara

CEO, Flextronics International

Session 5: Entrepreneurship Management


Prof. GAO Jian

Chairman, Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Tsinghua SEM


James DING

Chairman, Asiainfo Linkage Inc.

Maurice R. Greenberg

Chairman and CEO, C. V. Starr & Co., Inc.

Former Chairman and CEO, AIG

MO Tianquan

President and CEO, SouFun Holdings Limited

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