ZHU Rongji, WANG Qishan, LIU Yandong, and MA Kai Meet with SEM Advisory Board Members


On the afternoon of October 24, 2012, ZHU Rongji, the founding dean of Tsinghua SEM and the honorary chairman of the Advisory Board, together with his wife Ms. LAO An as well as WANG Qishan, Member of the Political Bureau, Vice-Premier of the State Council, and honorary member of the Board, LIU Yandong, Member of the Political Bureau and the State Council, and MA Kai, the member as well as the Secretary General of the State Council and member of the Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board, met with members who attended the 2012 Meeting of Tsinghua SEM Advisory Board at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. YUAN Guiren, Minister of Education, ZHOU Xiaochuan, Governor of People’s Bank of China, GUO Shuqing, Chairman of CSRC, CHEN Yuan, Chairman of the CDB. LOU Jiwei, Chairman of CIC, CHANG Zhenming, Chairman of the Citic Group, CHEN Jining, President of Tsinghua University and the vice chairman of the Board, HU Heping, the secretary of Party Committe in Tsinghua University, GU Binglin, the former president of Tsinghua University, WANG Dazhong, the former president of Tsinghua University, and QIAN Yingyi, Dean of SEM in Tsinghua, all attended the meeting as well.

At the meeting

This year’s meeting was the 13th annual meeting since the founding of the Advisory Board in 2000. ZHU Rongji spoke highly of the contribution made by the members of the Board to Tsinghua SEM. He also listened attentively to the suggestions and advices given by the members. ZHU Rongji said, “Seeing the great support distributed by the Board members at home and abroad, I have confidence in making Tsinghua SEM a world class school like Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Sloan School of Management in MIT.”

Group photo of Founding Dean ZHU Rongji and SEM Advisory Board members

During the one-hour meeting, every member of the Board expressed their opinions one by one. Many members mentioned the fact that many of the suggestions to SEM have been taken into practice the year after the meeting. It is quite amazing and unbelievable to see such strong execution capability in the realm of education. At the same time, the members all highly recognized the strategy of “Integration of the School and the University”, the interdisciplinary personnel training methods, the technology-enabled teaching as well as other innovative measures pursued last year. They believed that these reforms are also cutting edge in the world. Some senior members who witnessed the huge progress of SEM expressed their satisfaction with the improvement made in recent years, and expectation to see more achievements.

After the meeting, ZHU Rongji, WANG Qishan, LIU Yandong and MA Kai took photos with the Board members.

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