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WU Shuyuan: Thirty years with Tsinghua SEM


WU Shuyuan graduated from Tsinghua University with a master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 1994. She then joined the School of Economics and Management (SEM), becoming a member of the school's administrative offices, serving as Director of the Dean's Office, Director of the Staff Human Resources Office, Director of the Faculty Development Office, and Director of the Research Affairs Office.

WU Shuyuan recalls her experiences at Tsinghua SEM.

"When I first joined Tsinghua SEM in 1994, it was the school's 10th anniversary. Now I am celebrating the 40th anniversary with my colleagues," she said. Those thirty fulfilling years wove WU Shuyuan's life together with the school. "Witnessing the school responding to the needs of the times and improving after the hard work of all the faculty and students is a very pleasant experience," she said.

WU Shuyuan said Tsinghua SEM had just over 100 people when she joined. Over the past thirty years, the school has to more than 150 full-time faculty members and a staff that has grown from about 20 to more than 400 people. "The school continues to recruit outstanding faculty and to train and explore talents in all areas to make new achievements in student training, academic research and community service. The overall quality of the school's staff team has greatly improved with strong educational backgrounds, with many members earning degrees abroad and equipped for international exchange," she said.

Over the past three decades, WU Shuyuan has witnessed milestones at the school, as well as its response and alignment to the needs of China's economic and social development. In 1998, Tsinghua SEM was authorized to confer doctoral degrees in econometrics and enterprise management. In 2003, it was authorized to confer doctoral degrees in political economics. In 2006, it was again authorized to confer doctoral degrees in theoretical economics and applied economics. From 2007 to 2008, the school earned both AACSB Accreditation and EQUIS Accreditation, making it the first school on the Chinese mainland to receive the two top accreditations for global management education. Having experienced the struggle of building up Tsinghua SEM, WU said she felt proud of its achievements from the bottom of her heart.

Tsinghua SEM has thrived under a culture of openness and inclusivity. WU Shuyuan, previously oversaw the management and support of the school's international exchanges, summarized its philosophy as "making the past serve the present and the foreign serve China." Over the years, the school actively engaged in international exchange, embodying Tsinghua SEM's motto of "Chinese roots, and global vision" with practical action. As a result, the school's international influence has grown, leading to an increase in program and discipline rankings.

WU Shuyuan in her office

In 2018, WU Shuyuan transitioned to the role of Director of Faculty Development and Research Affairs Office, where she oversaw disciplinary assessments and the Double First-Class Initiative. At the office, daily operations were based on the needs of faculty and students, and she constantly optimized practices to deliver excellent services and effective management support for the school. When communicating with new staff, WU emphasized the altruistic nature of education, highlighting its sense of value, significance, and fulfillment. This perspective attracted many staff members to commit themselves to their work, with dedicate and perseverance over the long term.

WU Shuyuan said the pursuit of excellence is reflected in every teacher and student at Tsinghua SEM. "When I walk out of my office at night, I see the Tsinghua SEM building lit up and full of vigor," she said.

Over the past thirty years, the school's growth has necessitated an evolution in its staffing, placing higher demands on the team's quality and abilities. They have had to shoulder increasing workloads, even as their work becomes more complex, delicate, and specialized. "Staff at Tsinghua SEM are a team that keeps learning, making progress and rising to the challenge. When dealing with important issues, my colleagues are not afraid of hardship or fatigue. They often work overtime and strive for excellence. We are colleagues who help each other at work and a close family. At Tsinghua SEM, we always maintain an open and tolerant attitude, working hand in hand to advance the school's construction and development," WU said, "I am truly grateful for these lovable people!"

Over thirty years and changing times, WU's passion remains unwavering. Her aspiration is beautifully simple: continued advancement for the school, as it moves forward toward its goal of becoming a world-class school of economics and management.