Library Resources

Readers' Notice


1. This notice applies in the circulation area and the reading room.

2. SEM faculty and students need to present their IC cards (employee card or student card) upon entering the library. Non-SEM readers need to show the recommendation letter and legal ID certificates. Registration is required for all readers.

3. Bags and personal books should be left outside the library.

4. Please turn off your beeper or switch your mobile phone to the vibration mode in the library.

5. Please remain quite in the library. Do not shout or talk aloud.

6. No spitting or littering.

7. Please do not take food into the library.

8. Take good care of books, journals, documents and equipments in the library. Do not leave marks or crease lines on books. Put items back to the original places after reading.

9. Computers in the library can only be used for searching in the collection database.

10. Documents in the reading room are not for loans, but they can be photocopied in the library.

11. Books can only be loaned at the circulation desk. Readers taking books out of the library by other means will be subject to fines (amount decided upon individual cases).

12. Readers shall follow the library circulation policies and the instruction of librarians.