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The 2021 Undergraduate Overseas Exchange Advisory Session


On November 25, 2021 from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, the "Undergraduate Exchange Advisory Session", jointly organized by the Office of International Affairs of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University and the Overseas Department of the Student Union, was successfully held online.

Theevent invited over ten senior students with overseas exchange experiences from the School of Economics and Management to share their fascinatinglearningjourneys along withkeyconsiderations, attracting nearly a hundred undergraduates from the School of Economics and Management to participate.

Photo of Students Participated

The advisorysession is divided into two sections: To begin with, Jane Lin, vice chairman of the Student Union’s Overseas Department, introduced the general procedure and important considerations on the school’s overseas exchange program. She provided further elaborations on the common concerns among students, including the timeline, English standardized tests, essay writing, choice filing, and credit transfer. This aided students who are inclined to apply for overseas exchange to obtain a systematic understanding of the exchange process.

Subsequently, ten SEMseniorstudents who had participated in overseas exchange programs shared their experiences of learning and living abroad, covering eleven universities in Asia, Europe, the US and other parts of the world. Freshmen and sophomores were not only immersed in the intriguing exchange stories and visuals shared, but also gained a more comprehensive and perceptual understanding of overseas exchange, forming a clearer answer on their choice of exchange location and program.

Min You, a student from Seoul University who transferred to Tsinghua University this semester, also attended the exchange advisory session, sharing the characteristic courses of Seoul University, the cultureand entertainment of South Korea, and his intercultural learning and exchange experience in China.

As a unique college experience for SEM students, the exchange life of juniors has always been appealing to the students. Through this exchange advisory session, the 2020 undergraduates who will soon apply for overseas exchange programs obtained a comprehensive understanding and a clearer intention on the overseas exchangewith great anticipation.

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