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Tsinghua SEM attends 2021 AAPBS council meeting and annual conference


November 25, 2021

The Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS) held its 2021 council meeting and annual conference from November 10 to 13, 2021. The conference, held with the theme "Beyond Pandemic", explored ways to improve the quality of business education in the face of epidemic challenges and provided insights into business management education in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide. Dean BAI Chong-En and Associate Dean XUE Jian of the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM), participated in the event.

AAPBS Council Meeting

Deans and directors from 22 management and business schools attended the AAPBS board meeting on October 10. Dean BAI Chong-En was invited to share his experiences with the theme Doctoral Training and Academic Employment. Many Ph.D. graduates from Tsinghua SEM obtained teaching positions at well-known universities over the globe during the past three years. Drawing on his experiences in doctoral training and academic career guidance, BAI shared his thoughts on doctoral employment and faculty recruitment, providing insights for AAPBS' long-term development. He also introduced the important role of the China International Conference in Economics (CICE), an annual international conference about the Chinese economy. In recent years, through annual conferences sponsored by CICE, many Chinese universities have recruited international academic talents in the fields of economics and management and provided employment information for Ph.D. graduates in economics around the world.

Dean BAI Chong-En speaks at the conference.

The board of directors also heard the AAPBS Secretariat's semi-annual progress report and work prospects for 2022, elected the association's next president (tenure 2022-2024), and scheduled dates for the presidents' meeting, which will be held this month and next February. They also investigated AAPBS' long-term development strategy and its Doing Business in Asia programs.

At the AAPBS Annual Meeting on November 11 and 12, XUE Jian presided over the discussion on the theme of "What to Keep and What to Quit after Covid-19", and as the group leader made a concluding speech about the measures taken by business schools to face the challenges.

XUE Jian (right in the second row) hosts the discussion.

The Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS) is a regional, non-profit organization founded by 11 management schools in the Asia-Pacific region to promote and strengthen regional cooperation between management schools, improve school management, and cultivate excellent management talents for regional economic prosperity. At present, there are more than 100 members and 22 council colleges. As the sponsor institution and governing institute of AAPBS, Tsinghua School of Economics and Management held the first annual meeting of AAPBS in 2005.

By attending the meeting, Tsinghua SEM strengthened its communication with leading schools of management in the Asia-Pacific region, presented its firsthand experience in educating students and managing schools, and shed light on how to grow after the pandemic shock. It also provided insights into the cultivation of excellent management talents and the further development of schools in the Asia-Pacific region, not only enhancing international influence, but also exploring more possibilities for the school's development.