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2023 UCL Program


The two-week Global Management School Summer Program jointly organized by Tsinghua University and University College London (UCL) attracted nearly 20 students from China, India, Belgium, and other countries. This intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse academic experience aimed to deeply explore the complexity of innovative ecosystems and their immense potential in addressing significant global challenges. The program took place at UCL under the theme of "Innovative Ecosystems for Major Challenges."

Stepping onto the historic campus of University College London, students felt the atmosphere of intellectual inquiry and innovation. UCL, renowned globally and in the UK, offered advanced research facilities that created an inspiring learning environment. However, what truly left a lasting impression was the diverse group of students from different cultural backgrounds. Engaging with peers from around the world, students experienced profound cross-cultural interactions, fostering inclusiveness and collaboration. This vibrant multicultural environment inspired unity and a sense of purpose, laying the foundation for this transformative journey.

Tsinghua SEM Group

Global Team

Photos taken during the program