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2024 Spring Exchange Student Orientation-Graduates


2024 Spring Exchange Student Orientation-Graduates

On the afternoon of February 23rd, the orientation for international exchange students from the Masters and MBA programs of Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management was held in Jianhua Building A503. The event was filled with a warm atmosphere, where graduate students from various countries met their Tsinghua Buddies through ice-breaking conversations and interactive games. Along with the birth of new friendships, countless wonderful memories of Tsinghua were also made. Let's take a moment to look back at the splendid moments of that day.

At the event, traditional Beijing Opera costumes were prepared for the international exchange students to capture memorable photos. Many of these students were visiting China for the first time and were about to spend the upcoming semester at Tsinghua University. They also created lasting memories by wearing traditional Chinese costumes at the event.

Next, an ice-breaking game for the international exchange students began. Our exchange students were divided into groups and participated in a game called "You act We guess" . Before the game started, students introduced themselves and shared a fun fact about themselves, which was a good step out for friendship. Then, students in each group took turns to act out the words displayed on the screen, while the other members of the group guessed the words. The team guessed the most correctly within the three-minute time limit will be the champion.

This orientation activity provided an opportunity for the incoming international students to experience the school and culture, and it also laid a solid foundation for future friendship. The Overseas Department will continue to organize a series of activities for international exchange students in the future, to better serve all the exchange students.