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National Institute for Fiscal Studies, Tsinghua University

◢ Introduction

The National Institute for Fiscal Studies, Tsinghua University (NIFS) was jointly established by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Tsinghua University in 2008. With sufficient academic independence, it is a university-level scientific research institution closely cooperating with the Ministry of Finance and other government research institutions. In 2020, it was incorporated into the Institute for National Governance and Global Governance, Tsinghua University as a key construction think tank.

The NIFS is committed to conducting forward-looking and scientific research on major fiscal and taxation issues, exploring new ideas and methods for analyzing those issues. By learning from international experience and drawing on domestic experience and lessons, it has made contributions to improving the fiscal and taxation policies in developing countries around the world, and provided professional and independent insights and basis for China’s fiscal and taxation policies and other related major policies. It mainly undertakes research projects on academic research and policy analysis concerning fiscal stimulus policy, corporate taxation or subsidy, taxation analysis and forecast, incentives and constraints of local governments’ behavior, routine research work in cooperation with fiscal and taxation departments, income distribution, social security. etc.

◢ Contact

Tel: +86 10-62741492