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Tsinghua China Data Center

◢ Introduction

Co-founded by Tsinghua University and the National Bureau of Statistics in 2016, Tsinghua China Data Center (CDC), a university-level scientific research institution, was built together with the School of Economics and Management and the School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University. In 2020, it was incorporated into the Institute for National Governance and Global Governance, Tsinghua University as a key construction think tank.

Based on the government statistic advantages of the National Bureau of Statistics and the academic research advantages of Tsinghua University, and the center conducts research focusing on China’s economic and social data. It strives to establish a domestic high-end and international first-class development and research team of economic and social data, and to build the center into a think tank with wide social influence at home and abroad and a research platform with wide popularity in academic circles at home and abroad.

Adhering to complying with the major national development strategies, solving major practical problems in economic and social development, and studying in international frontier fields, the research team of the center carries out continuous research on major topics in the economic and social fields focusing on the Tsinghua China Balanced Development Index, Tsinghua University’s quarterly analysis of China’s macroeconomic situation, the new economy and new kinetic energy, etc. In cooperation with School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University and China Institute for Development Planning, Tsinghua University (THU-CIDP), the center conducts Tsinghua University’s quarterly analysis of China’s macroeconomic situation, integrates macroeconomic data and high-frequency big data, and conducts in-depth research on major economic issues facing China and the world, with a view to building a brand of macroeconomic situation analysis with Tsinghua characteristics.

◢ Contact

Tel: +86 10-62794953