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Institute for Global Development, Tsinghua University

◢ Introduction

Established in 2016, The Institute for Global Development, Tsinghua University is a university-level research institution.

Adhering to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s thought of building a community with a shared future for mankind, the institute is strategically positioned to build a world-class high-end think tank in the field of global common development and global economic governance, with its research direction focusing on the following five strategic areas in global common development and global economic governance:

1) Economic development and anti-poverty actions: to study the role of the government, international organizations and non-governmental organizations in anti-poverty actions;

2) International financial governance: to improve the governance of international financial institutions, international financial rules and the construction of international financial infrastructure, integrate financial resources, play the role of development finance, and prevent and resolve debt risks and other systemic risks in the international financial system, to better support the development of the global economy and the real economy;

3) International economic and trade relations: to study the continuous improvement of international economic and trade rules, to ensure the stable development and resilience of international economic and trade relations and promote the efficient implementation of international development strategies such as “the belt and road initiative”;

4) Digital economy: to study the trends, functions, laws and mechanisms of the digital economy in the future development, as well as laws and regulations, regulatory rules, competition policies and tax policies related to the new economy, especially those related to international governance;

5) Global climate change: to study the opportunities and challenges brought by the green development and the carbon neutrality goal to the world, as well as related policy responses, governance issues and industrial development strategies.

As an important part of high-end think tanks of Tsinghua University, the institute will play an important platform role in think tank research, practical promotion of think tank achievements, academic research, talent training and discipline development, etc., and actively carry out high-level international exchanges and cooperation.