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Institute for Cultural Economy, Tsinghua University

◢ Introduction

Established in 2017, the Institute for Cultural Economy, Tsinghua University is a university-level scientific research institution.

The institute is established to serve the strategic ideas of “strengthening cultural self-confidence, building a socialist cultural power” and “improving the soft power of the national culture”, satisfy “people’s longing for a better life”, give full play to the advantages of multidisciplinary academic and research resource in Tsinghua University, and integrate the relevant resources of scientific research institutions, government departments, and industry and business circles, in order to build a platform for and make contributions to promoting the exchanges and cooperation among enterprises, universities, research institutions and management departments, the great development and prosperity of China’s cultural undertakings and cultural industries, the organic integration and symbiotic development of culture and economy, and the overall upgrading of China’s economy.

◢ Contact

Tel: +86 10-62788141