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Tsinghua NBS Data Research Center

◢ Introduction

The Tsinghua NBS Data Research Center is the first domestic pilot organization for the development and application of government statistical microdata established by the National Bureau of Statistics in Tsinghua University in June 2017. Since its establishment, the center has actively promoted the construction of the technical environment and system to ensure the smooth development of data development and application. On June 26, 2018, the launching ceremony of microdata development and application of the center was held at the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, which marked the important progress in the development and application of Chinese government statistical microdata, and was an important milestone for statistical work to serve the public and scientific research. Since the microdata development and application started, the National Bureau of Statistics has opened 12 categories of government statistical microdata including population census, agricultural census, economic census, and household survey in three batches to the center. The center actively serves scholars to apply for data. Up to now, more than 200 scholars from more than 60 international first-class universities with international first-class disciplines and research institutions have applied for the data, and some scholars’ research results have been published in core journals at home and abroad. In order to better conduct microdata development and application, the center successfully held an international conference on microdata development and application, and has continuously held thematic forums on microdata development and application. The center will continuously strive to build a high-level data service platform and provide high-quality data services for building a world-class university.

◢ Contact

Tel: +86 10-62794953