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Institute for Global Securities Market, Tsinghua University

◢ Introduction

The Institute for Global Securities Market, Tsinghua University was established in 2019. The institute serves the relevant ministries and commissions of the national securities market and the global capital market, bringing together domestic and foreign veterans in the securities market, closely cooperating with the competent departments of the securities market, financial sector, and strategic emerging industries in China, and closely communicating with the relevant institutions of the securities market in foreign countries. It gives full play to Tsinghua University’s great advantages in related fields, explores, studies, and solves the practical problems always existing in the rapid development of China’s securities market, and pays attention to practices, conducts research focusing on the stable development of China’s securities market, risk prevention and control of the securities market, researches and publishes annual reports on the competitiveness of enterprises in fields related to the securities market, the capital market and finance, regularly publishes academic reports on China’s and even the world’s securities markets, organizes international forums on the capital market, and actively operates the “China Financial Research Network” to build the highland of think tanks in China’s securities market and set up the Chinese banner of think tanks in the global capital market, thus providing important academic basis for the healthy and standardized development of China’s securities market and the layout of the global securities market system under the new normalcy, and promoting the long-term stable development of China’s capital market.

◢ Contact

Tel: +86 10-62782830