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Institute for State-owned Assets Management, Tsinghua University

◢ Introduction

The Institute for State-owned Assets Management, Tsinghua University is a university-level scientific research institution jointly initiated and established by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Tsinghua University in January 2020. It aims to implement theOpinions of the CPC Central Committee on Establishing a System for the State Council to Report the Management of State-owned Assets to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, strengthen the research on the theory and practice of state-owned asset management, and improve the state-owned asset management system, to promote the modernization of the state-owned asset governance system and governance capacity.

Based on the advantages of scientific research, talents and resources in various disciplines of the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, and the policy-making advantages of the Ministry of Finance on state-owned asset management, the institute integrates various forces to build a national-level professional think tank in the field of state-owned asset management, providing theoretical guarantee, intellectual support and technical support for the state-owned asset management in the new era.

The main research direction of the institute is to carry out basic theoretical research on various types of state-owned asset management, improve the theoretical system of state-owned asset management, study the state-owned asset management, conduct special research on asset use efficiency, strengthen research on major policies and reform and innovation issues, provide policy advice and decision-making support for state-owned asset management of relevant departments in China, cooperate with China’s relevant departments to study various standards such as asset allocation and classification, and carry out discipline construction and talent training of state-owned asset management.

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