Accounting    Professor

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Office:B352 Lihua Building

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Educational Background

Bachelor in Engineering from Wuhan Institute of Chemical Engineering in 1983

Master in Management Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China in 1989

Ph.D. in Economics from Tulane University in 1996


Work Experience

1997-Present Assistant / Full Professor, Department of Accounting, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

1989-1990  Ministry of Labor of China

1983-1986  Ministry of Chemical Industry of China



Empirical Accounting Research, Taxation and Business Strategy , International Taxation, Advanced Management Accounting, Accounting for Decision Making.


Research Areas

Accounting and Capital Market, Corporate Governance, International Taxation, Taxation and Business Strategy, Business Valuation.



Journal Articles

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Industry Experience

Serves as the vice chief editor of China Accounting Review, the member of editor committee of China Accounting and Finance Review, the academic advisor for China Finance Research and board member for China Journal of Accounting Research. Also a council member in China Accounting Society and in China Taxation Society.