Management Science and Engineering



Department of Management Science and Engineering    Hon Hai Chair Professor

Shenzhen Campus, Professor

Vice Chair

Research Center for Digital Economy (Greater Bay Area),School of Economics and Management Shenzhen Research Institute,Tsinghua University

Vice President of Region 3, Association for Information Systems (2022-2025)


Office:1206A Information Building Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

Educational Background

Feng Juan holds a B.A. in Economics from Renmin University of China, and a PhD in Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University, with a dual title in Operations Research.


Work Experience

2020-Now    Hon Hai Chair Professor, Department of Management Science & Engineering, School of Economics & Management, Tsinghua University

2017-2020    Professor, Program Co-leader of MSc in Business Information Systems, Dept of Information Systems, City University of HK

2012-2017    Associate Professor, Program Co-leader of MSc in Business Information Systems, Dept of Information Systems, City University of HK

2009-2012    Assistant Professor, Dept of Information Systems, City University of HK

2003-2009    Assistant Professor, Department of Information Systems & Operations Management, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida



Block Chain and Financial Innovation

Big Data and Innovation

Business Intelligence & Decision Making 2014-2018, (post graduate class);

Management Information Systems, EMBA class 2020, 2019

Research Methodology III, DBA class, 2019

Business Model and Innovation in the Era of Big Data, EMBA class, 2019

System Analysis & Design

Project Management

Multi-channel Marketing

Internet Strategies

Business Data Communication


Research Areas

Professor Feng's research interests are in economics of Information systems, focusing on both analytical modeling and empirical analysis. She has been working on topics such as keyword auctions, advertising and pricing, the economics of online review, block chain and data ownership, etc.



Accepted/Published Journal Articles

1. "Fly with the Wings of Live stream Selling – Channel Strategies with/out Switching Demand", with Ran Pan and Zhengling Zhao, accepted, Production and Operations Management.

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3. "Incongruent Skills and Experiences in Online Labor Market", with Yan Fu, Nan Li and Qiang Ye, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 45(2021), 101025.

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