Research Track Faculty


WU Tian

Institute of Global Development    Associate Professor

Phone:(86) (10) 62789892

Office:B444 Lihua Building

Educational Background

2016 Ph.D. in Finance, Tsinghua University
2011 B.S. Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University


Work Experience

2022-    Associate Professor, Institute of Global Development, Tsinghua University

2020-2022  Associate Professor, Center for Forecasting Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2016-2020  Assistant Professor, National Center for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences



China’s Reform and Opening Up

Green Finance: Theory and Practice



Research Areas

Industrial Organization Theory, State Owned Enterprise, Global Value Chain and Industrial Upgrading, Energy Economics



1. Hu, Y.-M., J.-Q. Liao, Z. Su, Z-Y. Wang and T. Wu*. Green technology innovation ecosystem design under the carbon neutrality target: evidence from a multiple case study in China. International Journal of Technology Management, forthcoming. (The authors are listed alphabetically with equal contribution)

2. Lu, Q.-Y., H.-B. Duan*, H.-T. Shi, B.-B. Peng, Y. Liu, T. Wu, H.-B. Du and S.-Y. Wang*. Decarbonization scenarios and carbon reduction potential for China’s road transportation by 2060.npj Urban Sustainability, 2022, 2:34.

3. Hu, Y.-M., K.-L. Tian, T. Wu and C.-H. Yang. The lose-lose consequence: Assessing the US-China trade decoupling from the lens of global value chain. Management and Organization Review, 2021, 17: 429-446. (The authors are listed alphabetically with equal contribution)
Wu, T., S.-Y. Wang, L.-N. Wang and X. Tang*. Contribution of China's online car-hailing services to its 2050 carbon target: Energy consumption assessment based on the GCAM-SE model. Energy Policy, 2022, 160: 112714.
5. Chen, J.-R., D. Zhou, Y. Zhao, B.-H. Wu and
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6. Sun, L.-Y., R. Teunter, G.-W. Hua and
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13. Chen, X.,
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18. Lin, C.-T.,
T. Wu, X.-M. Ou, Q. Zhang, X. Zhang and X.-L. Zhang. Life-cycle private costs of hybrid electric vehicles in the current Chinese market. Energy Policy, 2013, 55: 501-510.



Industry Experience

Professional Societies/Activities

2019-Now, Member, International Institution of Forecasters (IIF)

2020-Now, Member, China Computer Federation (CCF)