SONG Xuebao

Department of Marketing    Associate Professor

Secretary of CPC Branch

Phone:(86) (10) 62789891


Office:B454 Lihua Building

Office Hours:Mon. 13:30-16:30

Educational Background

SONG Xuebao is an Associate Professor of Marketing at SEM since 1994.

Ph.D (Economics) from Renmin University of China in 1992 

MSc (Enterprise Management) from Renmin University of China in 1989

B.Sc (Agriculture) from Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China in 1986

Overseas educational background

He has been a visiting scholar at the Business School of McMaster University, Canada and Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA;

He was invited to join the training program held by Harvard Business School, Harvard University, USA .


Work Experience

He was an associate editor and a director of editorial department in Tsinghua Management Review from 2011-2016.

He worked in Changan Automobile sales company as a vice president and assistant to the managing director.



Currently, he teaches Marketing Management, Advertising Management, Entrepreneurial Management, and Sales Management at SEM.


Research Areas

Professor Song's main research areas include Meaning Marketing, strategic marketing, business marketing, district marketing, green marketing, and entrepreneurial marketing. He has conducted and participated in a number of top level academic projects funded by corporations including Hengshui Laobaigan Wine Co., Ltd., Ningbo Fotile Kitchenware Co., Ltd., Founder Co., Ltd. and Kingdee Co., Ltd. He took charge of compiling more than 30 cases for teaching, these cases about Zbird, Donge Donkey hide gelation, Myfoodie, Xiao Guan tea got a lot of recognition from students and colleagues.

His paper appeared in many top journals, e.g. PKU Business Review, Business Management, Economic Research, Economic management, Enterprise Management, IT Manager World, entrepreneur, Sales management and Chinese Rural Economy.

In addition, he has written a number of books that got huge popularity including 'Integrated Selling and Sales Management-A Framework For Professionals' (Co-author) as well as 'Product Management' (Co-author). At present, he is working on the project 'Chinese-style management: marketing success of AVIC'.



Journal Papers (Domestic)

Song X.B., "Four principles of modern marketing", PKU Business Review, No.6, pp. 51-53, 2008.

Song X.B., "breaking trade barriers with green marketing, special zone economy", NO. 11, pp. 168-170, December 31, 2004

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Textbook (Domestic)

Sheng P, song X.B., etc., Sales Behavior, China Social Sciences Press, 09.04.2009


Other Information

Media Courage

Song Xuebao, Professor of Tsinghua University: Social Responsibility of Small Displacement Automobile Enterprises (fenghuang.com, August 28, 2009)